Stem Digital is a team of young, passionate, like-minded individuals who strive to give content creators and brands alike the best experience across multiple-platforms.


David Taylor
Founder & CEO

David founded Stem Digital in 2015 and currently YouTube certified in Audience Growth. He has assisted many channels with promotion, audience growth and sponsorship. David has been a YouTuber himself for over 8 years. David has developed many connections along the way with companies associated with the YouTube networking business such as ESL, Zoomin, and BentPixels. David has recruited over a thousand partners for MCN networks in the past.


James Yelland

James started his career as a young content creator in the online media industry and expanded into networking after a few years. He has over 5 years of experience working in MCNs such as TGN, Zoomin and BentPixels in which he has gathered a great amount of knowledge and experience.