Stem Digital is a team of young, passionate, like-minded individuals who strive to give content creators and brands alike the best experience across multiple-platforms.


David Taylor
Founder & CEO

David founded Stem Digital in 2015 and currently YouTube certified in Audience Growth. He has assisted many channels with promotion, audience growth and sponsorship. David has been a YouTuber himself for over 8 years. David has developed many connections along the way with companies associated with the YouTube networking business such as ESL, Zoomin, and BentPixels. David has recruited over a thousand partners for MCN networks in the past.


James Yelland

James started his career as a young content creator in the online media industry and expanded into networking after a few years. He has over 5 years of experience working in MCNs such as TGN, Zoomin and BentPixels in which he has gathered a great amount of knowledge and experience.


Daniel J Morrison
Operations Manager

Daniel has worked in the YouTube space since 2007 and has grown several successful networks and marketing sites over years. Since 2015 Daniel has been working for Stem Digital as acting COO and now Operations Manager making sure the network is running smoothly in its day to day operations.